Have confidence about the future.

Our high school is part of a private, Christian school in Roanoke, VA.

Your future is bright.

High school is a fun and exciting time. As the transition to adulthood, high school can also include a feeling of uneasiness or uncertainty about your future. You deserve an environment where you have strong friendships, are treated with respect, can ask the tough, honest questions about life, form and strengthen your worldview, and learn from exceptional teachers who truly care about you.

We want to see you succeed…we want to see you accomplish your goals. Your life will count for something and make a difference, and we want you to feel confident about the decisions you make. Not only will you be prepared academically, but you will have the freedom and privileges at Faith as you seek to become all that God intends you to be.

We care, we’re here to listen, and we’ll lend some perspective.

With over 20 years of success in preparing students for college and life, we’d love for you to consider Faith Christian School.

“Faith Christian has had an incredible impact on my life.”

– Alan and Tori Hayes

Upper School Curriculum


Your classes in the Upper School will be the highlight of your experience at Faith.  Our science, arts, and humanities classes offer exceptional opportunities for intellectual growth and learning and the distinct characteristics of our classical model prepare you for success in college and beyond.

“I was well-prepared to manage the social and academic aspects of college life.”

– Bob and Joyce Childress

We seek to prepare students for life.

In the context of a Christian Classical education, the experience of your students in our Upper School is like lighting a fire! All the basic skills and building blocks have been laid through Lower & Middle School. This approach to education encourages deeper thinking. The course of study becomes more involved with a greater integration of subjects, and increased reliance on self-motivation, and higher expectations for active participation. Due to the previously completed work in Lower and Middle Schools, students are confident, enthusiastic and prepared.

The power of this model of education is on full display in the students’ excitement for learning, exploring, and discussing, and in the expansion of their knowledge, wisdom, and ability to discern for themselves. In specific disciplines, such as math and the sciences, the distinct classical training is particularly potent as an emphasis is placed on understanding and synthesizing concepts and information.

We are taking the Coronavirus threat very seriously. Read the letter from our head of school, Peter Baur.

What what does COVID-19 mean for our school?