Dear Prospective Families,

 It is for times such as these that our model of Christian classical education exists!  Our desire has always been to provide our students with the spiritual grounding and fortitude to withstand the storms of life.  It has been our focus to train students  to engage thoughtfully life’s challenges and surprises and with discipline and sound reasoning, filtered through God’s Word.  With age appropriate context, our students have the framework to  comprehend that while difficult things happen,  God is ultimately in control and loves each one of them dearly.

This is not a post I could have anticipated writing shortly after our Spring Break. Though we have been surprised and caught off guard, we know that God has not been. Indeed God has provided our school with an experienced and inspiring Learning Management specialist, a parent new to Faith this year. Last week our teachers received training from this parent, a seasoned distance learning specialist.  

With student safety a priority, we maintain our commitment to deliver a model of education that is distinct and robust… on-line!  Rather than students entering our school, we are invited into their homes to continue to nurture the hearts, minds, and souls of all of our students as we deliver an exceptional and challenging academic program.

We will be eager to begin a fresh new school year this fall, and hope that you will  be a part of it.

We are able to “meet” you online, provide a virtual tour of the school, and complete applicant evaluations.  Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Our prayers are for your family, the Roanoke Valley, our nation and our world.  May God draw others to himself in this time of uncertainty.

 I am available 8:30am – 3:00pm to receive your call.  540-769-5200 ext 143

Peter Baur

Head of School

We are taking the Coronavirus threat very seriously. Read the letter from our head of school, Peter Baur.

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